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Fossil Fuel Map

Fossil Fuel Map: Dependency on Fossil Fuels and the road to Clean Energy

Fossil Fuel Map is an innovative platform that aims to deepen our understanding of global energy usage and the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels in the face of climate change. The platform provides city-by-city data, historical insights, and forward-looking plans to empower users with knowledge and foster informed dialogue on the energy transition, climate action, and sustainable development. At its core there is an interactive map that showcases the energy situation in thousands of cities worldwide, offering a comprehensive view of fossil fuel dependency and the progress towards renewable energy.

Beyond the map, Fossil Fuel Map serves as a vast repository of historical data and analysis, tracing the global shift from traditional energy sources to renewables. This historical context is crucial for understanding the present energy landscape and framing discussions around the energy transition, highlighting both the complexity of the challenge and the progress achieved thus far. The platform also highlights plans and initiatives aimed at reducing fossil fuel dependency, underscoring the active efforts being made to combat climate change and envision a more sustainable future.

By providing accessible insights into the world's energy situation, Fossil Fuel Map aims to inspire informed action, promote sustainable practices, and support the global transition towards renewable energy. It invites users to explore, learn, and join the conversation about our collective energy future, with the belief that together, we can illuminate the path towards a more sustainable world.

The Fossil Fuel Map

The fossil fuel dependency map is generated from a combination of data sourced from the Fossil fuel energy consumption report (IEA Statistics © OECD/IEA), and the Renewable energy consumption report (World Bank, International Energy Agency, and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program).

These reports display the percentage of the national fuel usage which is produced using fossil fuels and renewable energies respectively. They have been combined to generate data for a higher number of countries than what each of the reports include separately. However, they are not exactly inverse from each other, as Nuclear energy, which is neither renewable or fossil, also needs to be taken into account into the 32 countries generating it.


The map was created using OpenLayers, with extensions provided by ol-ext. This uses imagery from OpenStreetMap, Thunderforest, Bing Maps, and Mapquest. Geocoding is supported by Nominatim via ol3-geocoder. The site logo is sourced from Flat-icons-com - Flaticon. Hosting is provided by InfinityFree.

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